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Material Management System (MMS)

One of the most prominent requirements of many EHS related regulations is employee and outside contractor notification of the locations of environmental concerns. Nova Environmental, Inc. has developed a website database system that is designed to track various environmental concerns within a given facility. From asbestos to hazardous chemicals, this system is based on a floor plan webpage that is shaded in locations where environmental concerns are present. Clicking on a given room on the floor plan provides information on the applicable environmental concern. This is a 21st century method of notifying staff and outside contractors of the specific locations of environmental concerns.

Benefits of the MMS:

  • Database system can be installed on any website, allowing for any level of access, from password instituted to unlimited.
  • Designed to be used by anyone, from untrained custodial staff and outside contractors to professional EHS employees, environmental concerns in specific locations/rooms is three computer clicks away.
  • Easily revised to reflect on-site changes.