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Industrial Hygiene Services

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Nova Environmental, Inc. provides expert industrial hygiene services that include chemical and environmental sampling and analysis. Nova utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation in order to ensure accurate results and conclusions. Our industrial hygienists customize the chemical and environmental sampling/analytical protocols used to the needs of our clients. Furthermore, Nova can provide negative exposure assessment and negative initial determination reports to help employers comply with exposure monitoring requirements.

Nova Environmental, Inc. offers the following industrial hygiene services to our clients:

Chemical Compliance Monitoring:

  • Conducting exposure assessments in accordance with applicable OSHA regulations.
  • Testing for a wide variety of chemicals using state-of-the-art instrumentation.
  • Development of comprehensive Chemical Compliance Reports that incorporate testing/analytical data and work practice narrative information.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Investigations:

  • Staff is specially trained in diagnosing IAQ issues.
  • Over twenty years of experience in conducting IAQ investigations and evaluations.
  • IAQ Investigation protocol is customized for each client. From absorbent tubes to summa canisters, Nova utilizes testing methods that best suits the needs of our clients.
  • Our comprehensive IAQ reports include, not only the data collected during the investigation, but also recommendations to address potential IAQ concerns.
  • Nova also addresses public relation and building occupant concerns aggressively.
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Environmental Investigations & Testing:

  • Nova can test any matrix, including air, soil, water and debris for environmental contamination.
  • Nova performs investigations and testing on a full range of environmental pollutants, including but not limited to, arsenic, lead, mercury and radon.
  • Nova adheres to regulatory protocols and government guidelines in order to ensure that investigations and testing is conducted using best industry practices.